Thursday, February 6, 2014


     They walked into the next room, the first thing they heard was a loud dripping noise. Linda was terrified of finding more blood trickling down the walls. Instead, she found a large swimming pool, built into the floor of the huge white-tiled room, with a pump that was making the constant dripping sound.
     “This must be the indoor swimming pool with the fancy Jacuzzi,” she said. She looked around at the massage tables and mud baths set up alongside the pool. Two doors at the far end of the room were labeled “sauna” and “steam room.” Thank god, the walls were sparkling white and appeared to be clean of any blood.
     “The water in the pool looks frozen.” She moved closer to get a better look. She peered over the edge; only to find the pool frozen—not with water—but with blood, a lot of blood. She felt herself become lightheaded; her head began spinning. All she could manage was a small squeak before she scurried away.
     Shana and Todd rushed over to her. “How much blood could have been used to fill up this whole pool? Is it human or animal blood? Forget it, I really don’t care! I just want to get out of here! Our host has a ghoulish sense of humor, and I don’t want to play his game anymore.”

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