Thursday, February 13, 2014


     Linda frantically pulled on the front door, but it wouldn’t budge. Nothing can ever be easy.
     Todd shouted, “Open!” The door obeyed and swung wide open.
     She turned her back on Todd. She was ready to leave this awful house. She didn’t want to see him…talk to him…or even ask him any of the questions that were firing through her brain. She had to accept the fact that he wasn’t who she’d thought he was: he had hidden powers, and maybe even a hidden agenda, which placed his honesty and his trust into question.
     She was angry that he’d kept important information from her. Who knew what else he had hidden? Maybe he was more involved in this than she’d earlier assumed. And who was running this sinister game? Was it orchestrated by humans, or by some unknown creatures? The dark shadows stalking her in town didn’t appear to be human. Were Todd and Sam involved with these creatures? And if Todd had powers, did that mean he wasn’t even human?
     There were just too many unknown variables to consider. Her mind was spinning with endless questions and possibilities. She had to stop agonizing about things that couldn’t be resolved, and worry instead about what could be accomplished right now—like escaping the house and this horrible game.
     They exited through the front door, which slammed shut after them. They were  pushed down the front steps—as if the house had grown tired of them and had regurgitated them back outside.

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