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Sucked In (Book 1 in the Series That Just Plain Sucks) Kindle Edition

5 Stars
A heart-pounding ending.,
January 10, 2015
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This review is from: Sucked In (Book 1 in the Series That Just Plain Sucks) (Kindle Edition)
Ashley feels very real as a writer who finds herself suddenly in a foreign world. I was intrigued by the talking cat, I was amused by Ashley's snarky attitude, and I could barely breathe reading through the last 25 pages. I NEED to know what happens next! A fun read and a great new find!!


Dance for me pretty leaves


Dance for me pretty leaves
Until the sun raise its head
And you turn your faces
To the coming day.


A ghost of me

Some days I feel strong and empowered,
ready to face the challenges
life throws at me.
Other days I feel invisible,
a transparent copy of myself,
feeling my life fade away.
How do I remain strong?
My transparent self
needs to be reminded
of all the people
who rely on it.
It flickers.
It becomes solid.
It becomes strong once again.


I live in the shadow of the moon.
I have grown and sprouted much too soon.  
I will try with all my might  
To live in the bright sunlight.
I close my eyes but yet I’m still here.
Sitting on a branch next to a pear.  
My petals are white as snow  
Because of this fact I know.
I will never be awake at day
No matter how hard I wish and pray.  
For I live in the shadow of the moon   
And I’m slated to sing the nightly tune.

A Perfect Place To Be

A place to reflect and write,
Where the cold wouldn’t dare to bite.
I would lie down and close my eyes,
And listen to the windswept cries.
Creatures would circle my dome.
Maybe I will see a gnome.
Such stories I would create.
Tales of loss, love, and hate.
A snow globe just for me.
A perfect place to be.


An open door invites.<br /> An open door beckons to visitors.<br /> Who can resist an open door?<br /> Who doesn’t want to take a peek inside?<br /> What treasures might be hidden on the other side?<br /> Or what evil might be lying in wait for us?<br /> Open the door and find out.<br /> I know you want to.

An open door invites.
An open door beckons.
Who can resist it?
Who doesn’t want to take a peek?
What treasures might be hidden on the other side?
Or what evil might be lying in wait for us?
Open the door and find out.
I know you want to.



If I had known it was going to be so hard,
I might have thought twice about writing my book.
We must promote our books daily.
But there are not enough hours in a day.
We must be expert jugglers.
Experts at writing, blogging, and juggling.
I must learn this dance.
This high-wire walk.
This never-ending battle.
I must learn to juggle.
I will do it.
I will do it all.
Just give me a chance.
Book two is being written.
I feel free.
I feel empowered.
I will survive.
James Patterson, eat my dust.



What I Cherish The Most

What I cherish the most isn’t a ‘what’ but a ‘who;’ the person who I had looked up to and then had lost too early in life. This was my brother, Neil Leist.

Neil was the type of person who lit up a room when he entered it. He was 6’2”, but it wasn’t his height that drew others’ eyes. It was his dynamic personality and his intelligence. Those grey eyes mirrored his great intellect and capacity for greatness. He acted as my father when my father wasn’t home but working long days and nights driving a taxi. He took care of my blind mother until I was old enough to help out. He sheltered me as much as he could from life and responsibilities. He shouldered these burdens himself.

He did well in college but he flourished in the business world. He traded on the Commodity Exchange until he had enough money to take over a Fortune 500 company. With a majority share in its stock, he took over American Bakeries. Taystee Bread was never going to be the same. He took me along on his ride to stardom. I worked for him on the Exchange and in his offices on Madison Avenue, New York. I majored in Finance at New York University, preparing to join him. All was going well for once in my life and in my brother’s life. My parents were proud. He helped them out. All was perfect until that awful phone call in the middle of the night.

My lights went out. All the light in the world was gone for me. I was stuck in darkness as dark and deep as the one my mother lived in. My brother had been in a car accident in the Hamptons. His fancy, red Porsche had hydroplaned on the wet roads. Neil was a great driver with quick reflexes. He drove the car off the road and onto the grass. Luck wasn’t with him. A truck was parked in his path and the Porsche crashed beneath it.

Neil was in a coma for two years before he passed away. Meanwhile, his so-called friends at American Bakeries were undermining his position at the company causing the stock price to drastically plummet. We had to sell off his investment in one big chunk at a big loss. Most of his money was tied up with this company. It took me eight years to settle his estate.

I got an M.B.A. in Finance but high finance soon lost its appeal to me. I worked at different investment companies. Then I made the big decision to become a full-time mom for my two beautiful daughters. I devoted myself to them. I took on part-time jobs in the financial field, but I was always available if they needed me.

The big 50 was approaching and I was beginning to feel that I had lost out on life. My brother and then both my parents had passed away. My daughters were beginning their own lives. I needed a focus, a reason for my life. My book, The Dead Game, took me ten years to write.

My life had taken many unexpected twists and turns. Memories of my brother followed me across every speed bump; thoughts of what Neil would have done in each situation kept me company. I don’t have my brother any longer but I have his memories. I also have a cherished picture of him standing alongside Mayor Ed Koch when they had met to discuss the possibility of moving the American Bakeries’ factory to New York City. It’s proudly displayed in my house and now for everyone on my blog to see.

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Who dares to walk in the forest?

A forest tinged blue by the moon.

I sit each night, waiting.

Watching for intruders,

Who will soon fall victim to The Dead.

No one dares to challenge The Dead,

For they own the forest.

They own Oasis.

They own us.

They own the night.



5 star Review for THE DEAD GAME

I'm sharing the post on Jessie B. Tyson's blog for THE DEAD GAME.
5 star Review for THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

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This review is from: The Dead Game (Kindle Edition)
The Dead Game is a mystery/horror story that brings you into the lives of a group of people living in the quaint sea-side community of Oasis, Florida. Even though Oasis seems to be a lovely place to live, sinister forces are hiding around every corner and wreaking havoc on the innocent town-folk. The author does a good job of developing the characters (both good and evil) and fleshing out the world they live in. Two inanimate objects in the story that grew into characters as the book progressed were the town of Oasis, Florida as well as a place called End House. End House is an old abandoned mansion in a reclusive part of town that has a mysterious background. Invitations in black envelopes are sent to select people in town to attend a party at End House on a Friday night. The friends decide to attend the party and that is when all hell breaks loose. (Not wanting to reveal too much of the story) End House displays its paranormal personality with all sorts of terrifying entities from razor sharp saws to gigantic bugs. The author is very creative with the horror she dishes out making it interesting and detailed without being so graphic as to turn anyone away from reading the rest of the story. After the horrific events of the party the group has suspicions about the people within their own circle and if they are friend or foe. Friendships evolve between the characters both positively and negatively. Hidden attraction between a few of the main characters brings a romantic angle to the story as well. A few of the characters work together to discover information on an eccentric man named Charles Wolf and a group he leads named “The Dead”. Rich and powerful, Wolf is known as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and throws another wrinkle into the story. At this point in the tale, suspicion among one another runs rampant as factions emerge from among the groups of characters. Some groups are honest and good and others deceitful and evil. It’s not easy to tell the good from the bad and the author keeps you guessing here. The honest and good group of characters leads a revolt against The Dead at the mysterious End House in an attempt to crush the evil group and eliminate them from Oasis. The author provides us with more creative action and gore as the battle between good and evil plays out. After the brawl, the town goes back to its lazy little self and people start getting back to their normal lives… or do they? The last few chapters are a topsy-turvy dance to figure out who is the real bad guy in the story. I was surprised by the end of the story and didn’t see it coming. This book is definitely well worth the time and the price.
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Review of THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR by Sahara Foley

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Customer Review

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5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting and Surprising Concept., May 8, 2015
This review is from: The Secret of Excalibur (Kindle Edition)
Such a new and interesting concept! Sci-fi is taking over my life at the moment and this one was no slouch in grabbing my immediate interest.

I loved that this book was set in England in the Institute of Psychic Research in London, but amidst all the tales surrounding the Artharian and Excalibur legends. The descriptions of Arthur Merlin's adventures are sometimes written in an almost comic book style with sound effects of his frequent telekinesis feats and teleportations adding drama and action to this well paced Sci-fi book.

The descriptions are well thought out, bringing you right into the action. There are some funny moments, romantic moments and even tear jerking moments as Arthur and Ruth tear about the countryside avoiding CIA and MI6 agents who need them for information and research. Authur mezmerises everyone from Ruth's ex lover to a butch pub brawler demanding displays of magic while on their journey to discover the implications of Arthur's multiple powers. (He has some that he uses for wildly naughty and raunchy episodes during his journey to Excalibur)

Ruth has an agenda all her own, but finding out that the incredible events in her own past are intertwined with Arthur's own makes for a fabulously exciting read. The final few pages and the discovery of Arthur's true calling are incredible (if a bit bloody in places)

Thoroughly enjoyed this very different book. It will keep you interested and intrigued right up until the end. Highly recommend!
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The Dead Game Kindle Edition

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  • Book 1 in Series

    Can you feel your heart beating? Is it beating too fast? Do you feel trapped? This
    is because you are. You're standing in a pool of water, in the basement of End
    House, wearing your party clothes. But there is no party, no host and no
    guests. The door behind you locks shut. The only way is forward, through the
    falling cages with their sharp edges, ready to ensnare their next victim.
    Circular saws begin to descend, looking for heads to slice off.

    Meanwhile, Linda is upstairs with the rest of her friends being pursued by creatures
    through revolving rooms. Or are they illusions? What should she do?


    The owner of End House takes no prisoners.

    The Dead Game has begun.

Length: 320 pages Word Wise: Enabled
Kindle Delivers: Teen & Young Adult


Product Details


More About the Author


I have been reading murder mysteries and thrillers since I was a teenager. I've read all types of mysteries, from Agatha Christie to Sherlock Holmes. In recent years, I've begun to read paranormal mysteries. These books bring fantasy and the surreal to the simple murder mystery. It is hard to find books that combine paranormal with mystery. That is why I decided to write a paranormal, murder mystery of my own. It is the type of book that I search for and love to read.
My book, The Dead Game, has dead bodies and suspects like a traditional murder mystery. However, it also has humans, vampires, and vampire derivatives. And don't forget the haunted house--we must have one of these.


merry go round


Linda is lost at a carnival.
A carnival of her nightmares.
A clown is leering at her.
The knife-thrower is throwing knives
At her but keeps missing.
She runs into a tent.
Mirrors surround her,
Distorting her reflection.
She runs farther into the darkness,
Crashing through a mirror,
Finally landing in a pitch black room.
The floor begins to spin…
She tries to grab hold of the walls.
They are wet and shiny.
But there’s no way out.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Beach Reads Vol IV



I may be living in an oasis,
Where the sun shines on a daily basis.
Florida has beautiful flowers and beaches,
But what it may be hiding are deadly leeches.
Dark shadows are following me right now.
I need to escape but I don’t know how.
I don’t want to end up like that dead woman.
I don’t even know if the shadows are human.



Sunday, July 19, 2015



This is the real me.
Behind the mask.
I may seem bright and happy,
but underneath I’m deadly.
Deadly serious about
those who provoke me.
Keep your distance from me
and from all of THE DEAD.
For we do not make friends.
Only enemies.




The creatures from hell<br /> have been unleashed on Oasis.<br /> Flying creatures with human faces.<br /> Paradise has become a haven for murder.<br /> Where is there to hide?<br /> Death will be among us<br /> until the sun rises in the morning.<br /> THE DEAD love their games.<br /> THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist<br />


The creatures from hell
have been unleashed on Oasis.
Flying creatures with human faces.
Paradise has become a haven for murder.
Where is there to hide?
Death will be among us all too soon.
Until the sun rises in the morning.
THE DEAD love their games.


Saturday, July 18, 2015



Can you feel your heart beating? Is it beating too fast?
Do you feel trapped?
That is because you are.
You’re standing in a pool of water,
in the basement of End House,
wearing your party clothes.
There is a party,
but no host or guests.
The door behind you locks shut.
The only way is forward,
through the falling cages
with their sharp edges,
ready to ensnare their next victim.
Circular saws begin to descend,
looking for heads to slice off.
Run for your life!
The owner of End House takes no prisoners.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

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Larry Carlson


What do you see?
Do you see the real you?
It can be scary at times.





The moon brings out the best in us.
It reflects our inner thoughts and desires.
Some may howl at the moon,
while others are impelled to dance.
Dance until the sun rises.
Dance until your limbs grow tired.
Dance until you feel at peace.
At peace with the world.

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black rose


Beautiful rose.
Soft and velvety.
Protected by sharp thorns.
Bright in the sunshine.
Dark in the moonlight.
A two-faced wonder.


town hall



     After all the introductions were made, Abe and Anna and their extended family bid farewell to everyone. Linda looked around but couldn’t find Father John anywhere. He had disappeared at some point earlier—after the destruction of End House. He didn’t even stay to meet Abe’s family. This had her worried. She questioned Shana, David, and Mike about his absence, but no one had noticed him leaving. She looked around for him, but had to finally give up and follow the others back to their cars.

Chapter 38

When Abe returned to his house, he opened his hand to reveal the small folded-up piece of paper that Father John had slipped into his palm. The Father had brushed past him just before he’d disappeared. Abe sat on his bed in the darkened room, slowly unfolding the note.
     Written inside were the few words “Meet me at midnight at the church.”
     He wasn’t too eager to visit the church so late. But he had no choice.
     Later, when everyone was asleep, Abe left the house and walked to town. He approached the church and saw for the first time the utter devastation the last storm had bestowed on the beautiful building. The once-white church was now darkened to almost black. All of its windows had been blown out and its roof had caved in. The tall bell tower was no longer visible; it must be lying somewhere amidst the rubble of the building’s interior.
     He didn’t see the priest anywhere outside, so he walked through the doorway or what had been the doorway. He climbed over large pieces of wood that must have been the front doors.
     Inside, nothing remained standing. Statues lay smashed on the ground. The pews had been crushed flat by the fallen roof. Even the stained-glass windows had been shattered to pieces. As he was lamenting over this terrible loss, he heard a shuffling noise behind him. He turned around to find the Father walking toward him.