Friday, April 27, 2018



Humanity has overgrown its boundaries.
Its reach has surpassed all expectations.
We are herded into buildings like cattle.
On subways, we are packed like sardines.

Mankind spreads to devour new areas,
To bring the world under its deadly reign.
Why not spoil the open spaces, we ask, 
until they resemble our version of hell?

The ocean bears our garbage and refuse,
While the horizon dims from the smog.
We puff on our cigars and cars
Until our sins are hidden by a smoke screen.

When will we say enough is enough?
It is time to replenish what we have taken.
It’s past time to rebuild and sow.
We must save the animals going extinct,
And feed our countrymen who live on the streets.

Will this happen in our lifetimes?
We know the answer to this question.
Unless something drastic is done,
we will continue on this path 
to our own destruction.


In the dark, we fly free.
We’re not afraid to fall.
Above mountains and sea,
Goodbye to one and all.
Where will we land?
We do not care.
Could be the sand
or a hunter’s snare.


A touch of pink at night.
I do not need much light.
I bud in the dark.
My spot in the park.
Can you feel me touch your hair?
If you cannot, please come near.
I’ll sprout in the spring for you and me.
A prettier sight you will not see.


The wind whispers, ” Hello,”
to whom I don’t know.
I quicken my pace
to get out of this place.
Under the trees, I run
to a place in the sun.
I was at the beach,
within close reach.
But now I race in fear
that I’ll be found here.
“Take me out of here,”
I run fast in fear.


Red glows the sky.
I can see it
from way up high.

The water below
like a mirror I
can say hello.

The wind comes in.
I am chilled from
windows too thin. 

This is still my place,
I wouldn’t trade it
for any other place.



In the quiet summer night,
Light shining from a great height,
A search until morning light.
We hold firm with all our might
That we find what we’re searching for,
Before the night ends, shuts the door.
We need to find her before it’s too late.
We refuse to leave this up to mere fate.
A shout, a cry is heard in the dark.
It must be her alone in the park.
The light shines on her pretty face.
She sees us and picks up her pace.
She is crying and laughing at the same time,
A perfect ending to this story of mine.


Puppet Master 2 (1991)

What do I see 
as I wake from sleep?
A puppet watching me.

It creaks.
It groans.
Its head spins.

It can’t be real.
It’s a wooden puppet.
No one pulls its strings.

It speaks
in a deep voice.
It can’t be alive.

It says,
“Time to play.”
I run to the door.

It can’t be.
It stands before me,
taller than me.

It can’t be.
But it is.
It’s alive.


My Haiku of Death.gif
Separate - 180425

Sliding down below.
Where no one will dare to tread.
Down the dark hollow.

Darkness fills each side.
Gravity, my enemy.
No place left to hide.

I keep falling down.
Will I hit rock bottom hard?
I won’t land on down.

My descent goes fast.
I’ve come to my bitter end.
Life is in the past.


I’m having a bad dream,
no, maybe a nightmare,
of a washing machine.

It wakes me up at night.
It rumbles and whispers.
I hope it won’t take flight.

It’s moving and grooving
to a beat of its own,
that is far from soothing.

It’s a horrible sight.
A machine set to hard.
It’s ready for a fight.

I scream into my pillow.
“My clothing is all too clean,”
then I weep like a willow.



The galaxy shines.
In awe of the human race.
It makes my heart race.

I cannot see far.
But I know what is right here.
It’s not far from here.

Heaven covers us.
Protects above and below.
To it, I must go.

Goodbye to my friends.
Time has come to abrupt end.
I shine for each friend.