Sunday, March 23, 2014



They were led to rooms to the left of the main entrance. They entered an empty dining room with green colored wallpaper on its dreary walls. Just like End House with its eerie bare green walls. At the rear of the house was ahuge kitchen, which was empty of any furniture, appliances,or even doors to the cabinets.
“I don’t spend much time at home,” Wolf said to explain the useless dining room and kitchen. He then directed them back through the gallery, to the rooms on the right side of the house. The first room turned out to be a greenhouse, full of plants and trees. The air was very humid and much hotter than the other rooms. The plant life grew wild, without any concern for design or pattern. A narrow path snaked through the thick forest of bushes to the back.
The trees were huge and tall, their tops almost reaching the high domed ceiling. Squawking sounds echoed from somewhere inside the tight growth of trees. Leaves rustled while scurrying noises emanated from inside the thick knots of branches. Shana didn’t see any animals or birds, but only spotted leaves and branches moving in unison with the sounds. She was becoming more and more unnerved by the minute.
Then she heard a weird crunching sound by her feet. She looked down at the floor and was shocked to find alligators snapping at her feet. Their jaws were wide open, their black eyes staring up at her from a deep pool of green water. She jumped back in shock. Then she began to realize that the floor on which they stood was clear glass, separating them from the snapping alligators. She watched as the alligators munched on pieces of food that left bloody trails behind them in the water.
“Don’t be afraid. They can’t reach you,” Wolf assured Shana. As he stared down at her, she noticed that his eyes were glowing bright green.
Like a reptile.

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