Wednesday, March 12, 2014


     “Father John, do you believe that our town can be saved?” asked Linda.
     “Someone saved Louise…maybe someone good stepped in to help. I don’t know who all the players are in town.”
     “What should we do now, Father?” asked Shana.
     “Diane’s next party will be this coming Friday night. Maybe you can get invited. Just be very careful with whatever you plan to do: we don’t know who or what we are up against. But I will always be here for you if you ever need any help.”
     Shana stood up to shake his hand. “Thank you, Father, for confiding in us. If the secret meetings are being held at Diane’s house, then this must mean that the original residents are involved. We have to figure out if they are just some evil group, or if they really do have supernatural powers. And how do the shadows lurking in town fit in with this whole scenario? Are there two groups involved? And if there are two groups, which group is good and which one is bad? And….”
     Linda pulled on Shana’s arm to stop her from continuing. “Shana, you are giving me a headache. We’ll figure everything out, and then we’ll notify the Father about our findings. We are leaving now, Father. Thank you for all your help.”
     Linda hastily descended the church’s front steps, with Shana lagging behind her. “I’m sorry for shushing you, but we need to begin our investigation on our own. Asking endless questions will only lead to more endless questions. And I don’t want to alarm the Father any further.”
     “You’re right,” agreed Shana. “We need to focus on what we are going to do next. We must look into everyone’s background—even our own friends—if we intend on finding out the truth.”

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