Friday, March 7, 2014


Chapter 14
It was early Sunday morning when Linda was woken by loud, insistent banging at her front door. She threw on a robe and scooted down the stairs. She discovered Todd already standing at the front door, staring outside in amazement. She stood beside him and looked out.
     Louise was standing alone in the bright sunshine with ripped clothing and a stunned look plastered across her pale face. She began muttering something to Todd about the gazebo and the beach. She said that she was sorry over and over again. She looked so white and lifeless to—like all her blood had been drained from her body.
     Todd  lifted her up and carried her inside. He placed her  on the living room couch and waited for her to speak. But Louise just lay there limp and unmoving—as if life was already over for her.
     Much more impatient, Linda cried out, “Louise! You’re
alive! We assumed that you were dead! Mike saw you hanging in the gazebo!”
     “I’d been so sure that I was going to die. I remember thinking that I was too young to die. Instead I woke up on the sand below End House. But I remember hanging in the gazebo with creatures dancing around me, chanting in a weird language.”

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