Sunday, March 9, 2014



     Sheriff Sam ran in, joining Todd in the kitchen, where they began to whisper out of earshot from the others.
     Shana was dying of curiosity to hear what had them whispering to each other. She pulled Linda aside and said, “I don’t trust anyone anymore. We should begin investigating on our own, without waiting for Sam and Todd to plan everything for us.”
     “That’s a great idea. I don’t understand how Louise could’ve survived if Mike saw her hanging in the gazebo. Why was she left alive? But what happened to Tom and Edward? Are they dead or alive? She kept muttering that she was sorry but what was she sorry about? Nothing seems to make sense any--”
     “That’s why we can’t trust anyone but ourselves,” Shana said.
     “Let’s begin our search at the church. Since today is already Sunday, we’ll be there anyway. We could question the priest about the town’s residents. I don’t know much about the people of this town or any of the town’s sordid history. The priest has lived here many years and has probably witnessed many unusual things.”
      “Everyone else will be too busy to notice what we’re doing: Sam and Todd have their own agenda, Louise and David won’t be up for anything, and Mike is too concerned about himself to worry about anyone else,” agreed Shana.

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