Tuesday, March 18, 2014


While Todd drove, Linda thought about Wolf’s house with its stark concrete walls and blacked-out windows. Was he blocking people from looking in or out? Maybe we’ll find out something useful in the house. That is, if he allows us inside. She hoped that Todd was one of the good guys—but she wasn’t too sure of anything anymore.
The weather got colder and windier. Leaves and dust blew into the car. Maybe Wolf was expecting them.
Charles Wolf was standing at the front door of his house…standing ramrod straight…waiting for them. But how did he know that they would be visiting today?
“This is very disturbing,” said Shana. “Maybe I can remain in the car while the two of you check out the house…”
“Don’t be afraid; we have big bad Todd to protect us,” said Linda.
Todd smirked at Linda as he got out of the car and opened the doors for both of them. He had to pry the door handle from Shana’s tight grasp. She gave up and stepped out of the car to join them. They marched up to the front door.
“Welcome to my humble abode! I had a strong feeling that I was going to have visitors today so I had my housekeeper prepare tea for us,” boomed Wolf in a deep voice. Linda hadn’t realized that he was so overpowering, with his thick dark hair and cold black eyes. He stood proud and tall, watching their approach.
Linda remembered him from her early-morning jog when she’d seen him walking his dog and he’d refused to acknowledge her cheerful greeting. She feared that he would make a very dangerous adversary. She gazed up at Todd. He was staring back at Wolf. Todd was as big and looked much smarter.
“We’re not here for tea, Wolf. We’re here to question you about Friday night when our friends went missing from End House,” said Todd.
“What could I possibly know about that?” Wolf moved closer to Todd to stare him down.
“Not only is your house the closest to End House, but you’re also on the Board of Directors of the company that owns the house,” replied Todd, glaring back at Wolf.

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