Wednesday, July 23, 2014


They were safe at last. Shirley and her crew of vampires were vanquished by Hayden.

     Mike couldn’t believe how everything had been resolved with minimal bloodshed—extremely disappointing for him. Once again, Hayden had stepped in at the last minute to save everyone. His own life hadn’t been changed in any way: he was still living the same boring life in the same boring town. But now he had some new options to mull over: to remain a human, to become a human vampire, or even to become a vampire.

Chapter 33
Once again the basement resembled a plain basement: with pipes, a boiler, and cobwebs covering all of the surfaces. Linda couldn’t figure out how the vampires had been able to distort reality so well that the cobwebs had returned to their same exact locations without appearing at all disturbed. She didn’t even mind that the stairs were wet and slippery— just as long as she was able to use them to leave this horrible place once and for all. She energetically bounded up the stairs, eager to leave the dreadful house forever.



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