Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Welcome to Oasis, Florida.
A seaside town with white-sanded beaches,
lush greenery, and beautiful sunsets.
However, after the sun sets, dark shadows
appear on the streets and on the walkway along the beach.
Few dare to walk the streets alone at night.
The evil centers around the deserted End House,
which has a long history of disappearances and death.
It sits alone at the edge of a steep cliff, waiting for visitors.
A party is arranged at this house for the newer residents.
They are faced with frightening illusions, including: traps,
wild animals, swimming pools of blood, a room of worms.
They make it out alive but two of their own are trapped inside.
They find themselves embroiled in a deadly game with the
evil one controlling the town and everyone else.
This leader is the epitome of evil.
They don’t know if he’s a stranger or one of their own residents.
When he finally shows his face, they realize too late that they’re doomed.
How can they fight someone who is powerful enough to create
illusions as part of his evil game?
The residents will do their best to clean the town of the
deadly group even at a high cost to their own lives.
Linda and Shana won’t give up until the bitter end, even if
Todd and the sheriff refuse to help them.


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