Thursday, July 17, 2014


The players in the deadly game were slowly revealing themselves for what they really were. Monsters.

    “So silly Shirley is the leader of this rag-tag group. Where are Judy, Gregg, and Ryan? Are they too afraid to appear?” sneered Todd.
     Shirley waved her hand and a huge metal cage descended before them, suspended from the unseen ceiling on a long metal chain. Inside the cage were Judy, Gregg, and Ryan, chained together with their mouths gagged and taped.
     “They’ve been loyal to you to the bitter end. Why are you so surprised, Todd? They’re your sniveling followers. We’ve cleared out their rooms to make their apartments resemble vampires’ lairs. You fell for that deception so quickly and easily. I guess you’ve never really trusted your own people; but a leader is only as good as his followers. It’s just you and Sam now—and whatever humans you’ve managed to pick up along the way.” Shirley leered at Todd.
     “And don’t bother looking around for your loyal deputy, sheriff—he’s standing right behind Todd’s girlfriend, holding a sharp knife to her lily-white throat.” Hank spoke up.
     Todd spun around to find Carl holding a long serrated knife against Linda’s exposed throat. He began to rush over to her, but Carl chuckled as he drew a line of blood through her skin. “I wouldn’t move any closer if I were you—that is, if you care at all for your girlfriend.”
     “Why have you joined with the evil vampires that prey on humans? Are you now also a vampire?” Sam asked Carl.
     “I grew tired of always being just second in command. I wanted to make my own decisions and not have to bow down to you any longer.”
     “I’ve always been more than fair to you. Whenever you needed time off, I’ve allowed you to take extended leaves of absence.”
      “What do you think I’ve been doing during those times? I’ve been following The Dead on their missions and getting ready to become a vampire,” Carl said.
      “So that means that you’re not even a vampire yet and can still be killed with a knife to the back,” shouted Louise, stabbing Carl through the back with a kitchen knife.
      Carl collapsed slowly to the ground with blood spurting through his back wound. Linda broke free from his dying body to run into Todd’s waiting arms.



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