Thursday, July 31, 2014


Linda and her friends were happy that Wolf had been vanquished. However, Mike and Todd knew that there was more to come. And it wasn't going to be anything good for them.

     Mike was upset. To this group, a party seemed to be a cure-all for whatever ails you—even vampires. David looked happy again, wagging his long bushy tail with his new lion girlfriend batting her long eyelashes at him. And still, all was not resolved.
     Everyone returned to their cars and rode back to town, weary but happy that all the evil in town had been stamped out of their lives for good. They had no idea that they’d all conveniently forgotten about the one person who still remained to ruin their perfectly laid plans.

Chapter 34
Reclining on a beach chair in the sand, with a newspaper lying open on his lap, Todd was observing everyone. Mike and David were busy grilling the meat while Shana, Louise, and Linda were setting the table. They were joking with each other. But he still had a uneasy feeling deep inside. Their enemies had been taken
care of and everyone was safe and here with him; however, he felt like one piece of the puzzle was still missing.
     During the meal, Todd remained lost in thought. He couldn’t figure out how Wolf had always been one step ahead of him. His informants had always been already dead when he arrived to meet them. In addition, Diane kept security very tight at the secret meetings at her house, meticulously employing different private security companies each time, but dark, lurking shadows were spotted at these events. Someone had to be leaking inside information to the followers of The Dead. He had told Linda and the others that their parties had never been infiltrated but unfortunately, they had been. In his defense, he had lied only because he didn’t want them to live in fear any longer of their own shadows.

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