Monday, December 23, 2013


      Later that day, Shana entered the bookstore with a very frightened look plastered across her white face. She was wearing a long flowing dress with bunches of chains hanging around her neck, and a huge collection of bangles on her arms. Linda heard the musical jingling of Shana’s jewelry even before she spotted her standing inside the front door of her shop.
      She rushed over to greet Linda. “My cards have predicted horrendous things happening to us at the party Friday night. The Angel of Death appeared in my cards, which could only mean death for some or all of us.”
      Linda didn’t remember ever seeing Shana so terrified before from a reading of her cards. She couldn’t decide if she should be concerned or not. Maybe this was why Shana had been acting strange before the barbeque. If this was a normal town, then she could just shrug it off, but this was Oasis, a very unusual town with a long history of strange episodes. Secret meetings and shadowy figures were commonplace.
      “No one is here, so you don’t need to whisper. You have always stated that the cards were only for fun and not based on reality.”
      Shana shook her head back and forth. “This town is full of secrets, and you don’t know which wall has ears. I’ve never told you this before, but my cards have never been wrong. That’s the reason why I’d opened my shop. I can see things most people cannot see or even imagine. But many people in town hate my shop and want to close me down…they’re afraid that I’ll unearth all their horrible secrets. But I’m staying until the bitter end….”
      Feeling her heart skip a beat, she asked, “What end? What horrible secrets?”
      Instead of acknowledge her questions, Shana quizzed her, “Who are you going with to the party?”
      Linda knew that if Shana refused to answer a question, then nothing on this earth would be able to budge her.  “Todd has offered to accompany me…just to watch over me.”
      “Good! Definitely go with Todd! He’ll keep you safe. Remember! Stick with him the whole night and don’t leave his side for even one second!”
      Linda was about to ask why but Shana was already out the door.

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