Sunday, December 29, 2013


     Louise was terrified to leave the safety of her own apartment. She didn’t know if she was going crazy or if she was being pursued by dark figures. They appeared only at night, as soon as the sun set and darkness fell across the town.
     Last evening the shadows had stalked her all through town right up to her front door. Once inside, she’d locked her door and all her windows. She was determined to keep out whatever or whoever was waiting for her outside.
     She’d hidden in her apartment until the next morning. Only then did she dare to peek out from her windows to check out the deserted beach in front and the dark mountain in back. After making sure that the strange beings weren’t waiting for her on the deserted walkway, she’d quickly darted down the path to town without daring to glance behind her, even once.
     The rest of the day she was busy working in her dress
shop, refusing to venture outside where she might encounter her elusive stalkers. She had even closed her store early for the day so she wouldn’t have to walk home alone in the dark.
     The identity of the menacing beings remained a mystery to her. She had no idea who or what they were: she couldn’t even tell if they were human. She just accepted the fact that she had to stay clear of them or else risk ending up as one of the names on the long list of unsolved murders and disappearances in Oasis.
     At the beginning, Louise had tried very hard to make new friends in town, but it hadn’t worked out that way. Linda and Shana had never included her in their activities. Shirley and Minnie had never been too friendly to her beyond a quick hello or goodbye. She had the sinking feeling that no one in town liked her; even Todd acted evasive whenever she spoke to him.
     She was curious if anyone else in town was being stalked; she couldn’t believe that she was the only one. Then she thought about all the young girls who’d gone missing from town over the years. Maybe they’d had similar stalking experiences before they’d vanished for good. These disappearances had never been discussed nor fully investigated. She had to be extra careful in the evenings, or else she could end up like these girls—who, she was certain, would never be found alive.

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