Monday, December 30, 2013


Chapter 4

The grey sky mirrored the uneasy feeling Linda woke with the next morning as conflicted thoughts raced through her mind. She wanted to know why only certain people were invited to the party and why the owner of the house chose to remain a mystery. Was there a sinister purpose to the gathering? Or was it just a way to welcome the newer residents to town? On the other hand, Gregg, Ryan, Judy, and Todd—who had lived in town all their lives and didn’t need to be welcomed—had also received invitations.
    After finishing with the lunch crowd, she decided to visit the other store owners to see if they could provide her with any useful information about the party. She left Patty—the college student whom she’d recently hired—in charge of the store. She was nervous about leaving her alone, but she knew that she had to start trusting people at some point. She couldn’t spend every minute of every day watching over her store. And what harm could Patty do to her store, anyway?

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