Friday, December 27, 2013


    As Linda walked, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves caused her to glance up at the trees bordering the beach. Through the tall trees, she spotted the bright sun shining majestically in the dark azure velvety sky. She suddenly remembered last night and the eerie sounds of the wind. She couldn’t believe that there was such a drastically different feeling in town at nighttime from the daytime. During the day only tourists and the town residents could be seen walking around town and shopping. Once in a while the fishermen’s families visited town for supplies. Only after nightfall did the original residents visit town to shop or to eat at the hotel’s restaurant. The mysterious parties on the hill took place only after the sun set. What a strange town when the busiest part of the day occurred at night.
    This morning she recognized, from a distance, the man
who’d bought the deserted house on the hill below End House. It was a huge modern structure with blacked-out windows. She raised her hand to greet him and his golden retriever jogging close beside him on the beach. He turned away and continued jogging. He was a tall muscular man with a full head of black hair and piercing black eyes. She couldn’t see his face since he was bundled up tight in a long coat and gloves, his hat pulled down low on his face. His dog turned his head to stare longingly at her, looking more human than his owner.
    Determined not to let this unpleasant encounter ruin her day, she chose to concentrate her thoughts instead on her delightful walk to work. She turned onto Main Street to follow the circular path that she took every morning. Her daily walk began at the grassy park, which was busy with children playing, people taking walks or jogging. She strolled past Edward and Tom’s hardware store, Shirley’s agency, and Louise’s dress shop. She crossed over a small side street to continue her walk by Hank’s Auto Body Shop and the huge brown brick Town Hall. On the block behind the Town Hall, she was able to glimpse the top of the church’s tall bell tower. The winding streets behind the church held the rest of the town’s stores, with their colorful storefronts and bright awnings.

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