Thursday, December 19, 2013


This is my favorite picture of my Maltese, Nounous.
He is waiting for the LIRR to bring my daughter home from New York City.
He hears the train whistle but can't see a train.
He becomes impatient.
He sits at the window, waiting.
As the train pulls into the station, he watches the doors pass by.
They are moving too fast for him to see his beloved friend.
The train stops.
The doors open.
Watching and waiting, he sees her.
He begins to howl, pawing at the window.
He is still not sure.
He has to wait for her to come closer.
It looks like her, but he can't tell.
She is beside the car window and shouts,"Nounous I'm home."
He jumps up and down, woofing with joy.
She is home.

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