Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Linda did feel the extreme tension in the air. She didn’t know if she was imagining it, or if it was only the usual tension between her and Todd. Whenever he was near, she experienced a strange tingling sensation; whenever she looked into his big brown eyes, she felt herself melting inside and getting tongue tied. Today she’d experienced this rippling tension even before she’d bumped into him. She was happy that he was escorting her home, since she did feel safer with him by her side.
Todd accompanied her home and even checked inside her apartment for possible intruders. She followed at his heels. They made their way back to the front door, where Todd placed his hands on her shoulders and gazed into her eyes. “Will you be all right? I can stay here with you.”
Even though this sounded more than tempting, she refused his generous offer. “I’ll be fine.”
She was afraid to have him in her apartment—all evening or even all night. What would she say to him? She was still too nervous around him. She needed baby steps in order to get used to being with him. One day they might even have a full conversation.
Watching her face, he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before turning to walk away.
Linda had closed her eyes, hoping for a brief second that he was going to kiss her on the lips, but instead only felt a small peck on her cheek. Of course, she scolded herself, he wasn’t interested in her in that way and she was just fooling herself again with false hopes and dreams. But as she was lying in bed later that night, trying to fall asleep, she thought that anything could happen at a party…or even the next time they met late at night in the moonlight….

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