Friday, May 23, 2014


Todd believed it was time to take control of the situation at Oasis. Too many people were disappearing from the town. People were beginning to suspect that vampires were involved.

     As Todd held Linda, he realized that she was holding herself much stiffer than usual. He wondered what had really transpired between her and Wolf. He had seen them embracing and kissing very passionately. He hoped that she hadn’t been fooled by Wolf’s charms, which he had always been able to skillfully employ to his own advantage. He’d have to keep a closer watch over her in the future and make sure she stayed far away from Wolf.

 Chapter 24
Early Saturday morning Todd drove into town leaving Linda sound asleep in her apartment. He wanted to meet with Sam alone.
     The sheriff’s office was quiet: the desks stood empty, the phones were silent, and no one was handcuffed or waiting to see the sheriff. He opened the door to Sam’s private office and found him bent over his desk, busy doing paperwork. He looked up as Todd strolled in. Too bad Sam had grown accustomed to having him plan all their maneuvers. However, this time he wasn’t so sure that he could annihilate a powerful enemy whose members still remained a mystery.
     He wanted to hear Sam’s opinion on the idea that he’d mentioned to Linda last evening. “We could interrogate Hayden. Since he was first loyal to us, he might be persuaded to switch sides and come back to us.”
     “That’s a pretty far-fetched idea, but I’m willing to go along with anything right now. Shana is terrified of me. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore. She thinks that I’m some strange creature.”
      “No, of course she doesn’t. I saw her gazing at you with affection. She looked very comfortable in your arms. Once we explain to them about human vampires, Linda and Shana will feel safer and let us protect them. We can’t worry about that now. Come on! We have a job to do!”

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