Friday, May 30, 2014


Shana had a new idea. She wanted her friends to fight Wolf on their own, without waiting for Todd or the sheriff.

      At that moment, Shana, Linda, Mike, and David were sitting in the dark, secretly planning their own line of attack against Wolf. They had convened at Shana’s store, hoping that this location would make it more difficult for Todd and Sam to track them down.
      They sat around Shana’s table in the back room with the lights off and the front door securely locked. A small candle on the table provided the only light in the room. Shadows on the walls swayed back and forth with the motion of the candle’s flame. Each time the shadows moved, Shana jumped a little inside, recalling the dark figures that had stalked her in town.
     As she stared at the flickering shadows, she hoped and prayed that they would finally be able to rid their town of the menacing beings. Despite the fear racing through her icy veins, she said, “We must confront Wolf on our own! We must learn to protect ourselves without relying on others to deliver us from this evil!”
     “Wolf is much too powerful for us to fight against by ourselves!” David said.
     But Shana had formulated her own plan and was excited to offer it to the group. “We’ll go up against Wolf in his own house!”
     “Have you gone crazy?” cried out Mike.
     “No! Listen to me! We’ll make sure that Todd and Sam find out about this meeting before it happens: this way they can come to our aid.”
     “Oh! How romantic!” said Linda, “Knights in shining armor, valiantly coming to our rescue.”

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