Friday, May 9, 2014


     As they climbed the stairs, they peered through the clear glass to watch the diminishing party below. Where is everyone?
     The second floor was half the size of the main level. The back half was sectioned off behind a protective glass railing, with the railing running down the center of the house, dividing the floor into two equal halves. The front half was left wide open to the high ceiling, where the huge glass dome sparkled and glistened as it provided a green tinted window to the night sky.
     After Linda turned from the banister, she was faced with three closed doors, standing side by side. She’d heard about the three doors in the basement of End House and prayed that elaborate traps didn’t also await them here. 
     She swung open the first door. The room turned out to be a large bedroom with a massive canopied bed. The dresser and end tables appeared colorless. At first glance, all the furniture seemed to be carved from glass, but upon closer inspection, she realized that the pieces were constructed from ice. She touched the bed to make sure and found it freezing cold to the touch. It was strange that the furniture was frozen solid while the room remained warm; she couldn’t understand why the furniture wasn’t melting.
     “I hope the other rooms don’t hold hidden surprises like the revolving rooms at End House. I don’t want to live through that frightening experience again.” Linda backed away from the ice furniture. The room reminded her too much of the frozen pool—the one filled with blood at End House.
     “‘Live’ is the operative word,” said Shana. “We lived
through that experience, and we’ll live through this one now. None of us want to repeat that again, but this time we’ll stick closer together and handle the situation more calmly than we did at End House—with much more backup for each other.”
     Mike looked over at David and said, “Some of us left the others on their own to fend for themselves. We must promise to watch out more carefully for each other.”
     “I’m really sorry, Mike. I was so terrified that night that
I ran ahead without thinking. I’ll keep a level head this time.”

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