Monday, May 19, 2014


The party at Diane's house was taking a turn to the supernatural. It was a medley of vampires, human vampires, and humans.

     Linda looked around the room but couldn’t find the elders anywhere. They’d disappeared without her even noticing. They seemed too eager to leave the tense scene being played out between vampire and human, preferring to remain in the background. She couldn’t understand how the elders had been fooled by two of their own; they must have remained hidden too long on their mountain—missing all the important signs of trouble happening all around them.
     Todd led her over to a quiet corner. “Please return to the dance floor with me.”
     The humans and human vampires returned downstairs to join the remaining dancers. This time as Mike and David approached women to dance; they seemed more hesitant and wary over their choices. They were actually treating their dance partners as lab specimens, realized Linda, eyeing them as they held them away from their bodies. They most probably were afraid of being bitten by these beautiful creatures.
     As she spun around the room with Todd, Linda searched for the other human vampires from town. If they were really on Todd’s side, then where were they? She wasn’t going to say anything to him about them; he had enough to worry about without her raising additional concerns. And what was a human vampire, anyway? Were they any better than regular vampires? According to Todd, human vampires were still human.
     She was tired of worrying about the town and its strange inhabitants. She said to Todd, “For just a moment
I’d like to believe that this evening is magical and beautiful— all that I’d imagined for tonight.” She leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed.

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