Thursday, August 28, 2014


Daniel Merriam
I open my eyes.
I see weird creatures.
The man in the moon
and circus men.
Why are they in my room?
Have they come to entertain me?
Or maybe to kill me?
I hear laughter.
Hysterical laughter surrounding
me from all corners of the room.
The circus men are clowns, who
are waving sharp knives at me.
I need to escape!
I can’t!
I’m tied down to my bed.
They’re coming closer to the bed.
The laughter is getting louder.
I close my eyes.
I hear quiet.
I open my eyes.
The room is dark.
It looks to be empty.
I glance over at my chair in the corner.
There’s a red balloon tied to it,
floating in the air.
Oh no!

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