Thursday, August 14, 2014


A new evil was now facing the town of Oasis. It was the most deadly so far.

     “What could possibly be worse than what we’ve already faced?” David asked. Need you ask silly lion? There is always something worse, Mike gleefully thought, rubbing his imaginary hands together in anticipation.
     “Me!” shouted Natalie as she floated before them in the large hall.
     She appeared almost transparent, hovering above the floor.  What kind of creature are we now facing? Mike refused to show his fear. “Maybe this is just an apparition created by wizardry or a vampire’s great imagination.”
     Natalie  pointed her finger at him and released a stream of lightning that blew a huge hole next to him—right through the floor.  Mike decided that it was time for him to be quiet.
     “What are you?” Linda  asked.
     “I am a vampire’s worst enemy; I am the La Santa Muerte or the Skeleton Saint! I am the Saint of Death!” She began transforming before their eyes—her skin peeling away from her body to reveal its skeleton beneath. She was standing before them in a long black nun’s robe with a scythe in her left hand, a crown tilted precariously on her bony head, and her deep eye sockets burning a deep red.
     “I am the black Saint of Death, which brings revenge and destruction for its followers. My sisters are much weaker Skeleton Saints: the Red Saint promises love for her people, the White Saint provides protection, while the Gold Saint rewards her worshipers with money and financial support. My followers are seekers of vengeance and I provide all forms of revenge for them. I am the most powerful of all saints!”
     “You have followers?” Shana asked.
     “Our followers pray to us for help. They throw feasts in our names. We provide for those who sacrifice to us. I have a large following in a nearby town. I am a true god to them!”
    “What is sacrificed?”
    “Stupid human! What do you think is brought to me? Human sacrifices, of course.”

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