Sunday, August 31, 2014



The town hall was under attack by flying creatures. Natalie stood before them, reveling in the control she had over the mere mortals.

     Shana continued to struggle against the creature. When she looked up at it, it glanced back down at her. She was shocked to see that while it had a human face, it also had a beak. But its body was the body of a huge bat. It kept staring at her, turning its head sideways—like a bird analyzing its prey.
     She pulled at her long hair trapped in its sharp talons. Its hooked claws were very sharp; she could feel their edges digging into her scalp. She was in a bad situation. She looked down at the strange scene being played out beneath her.
     Father John’s voice bellowed out loud, causing Natalie’s lit reflection to fade and flicker. “If you vanquish me, you silly fool, then Todd’s girlfriend will fall into the fire and
burn up quickly. Humans roast very rapidly—if you need to know for the future.” Natalie laughed.
     Sam quietly said to the Father, “I’ve got it covered; just vanquish her as quickly as you can.”
     The priest’s voice rose high up into the rafters. The great devotion in his voice made the wooden beams crack and tremble. The whole building shuddered and shook; sections of the ceiling crashed down upon them. He lifted both his arms to heaven and chanted.
     Natalie caught on fire: beginning at her legs and then traveling up her tiny body. She screamed and moaned as she tried to fight off the flames. She rolled across the floor in a ball of fire. She continued to sizzle and burn until all that remained of her were ashes. With Natalie annihilated, Linda began to fall into the fire. Sam promptly opened the hose at full blast, which extinguished the fire beneath her and protected her fall with soggy and wet firewood.



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