Thursday, August 28, 2014


Who is watching me from the water?
There is something bobbing beneath
the shallow waves.
Is it a person or a sea creature?
It’s coming closer to shore.
I see eyes!
Yellow eyes sparkling in the sunlight.
It has green skin with yellow spots.
I’m beginning to hear the music
from “Jaws” in my head.
My over-active imagination
is in over-drive.
I must run!
Before the creature catches me!
It’s just a man rising from the waves.
A man in a wet suit.
All is safe.
The yellow spots must have been
a reflection from the sun.
I’m shot!
He shot me!
He shot me with a spear gun!
Too late.
I’m falling down.
Will I wake up again?
Will I find it all to be a bad dream?
I hope so.

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