Wednesday, September 9, 2015


How does a simple invitation to a party
Become the catalyst for The Dead's games?

We arrive at End House in our party clothes,
Not suspecting the horrors that lie in wait.
The door bell gongs through the empty rooms
As a cold wind pushes us inside.

Candlelight flickers down the right hallway
And up the gargoyle-protected staircase.
We stand huddled together in fear,
Afraid to take another step into the unknown.

Two groups search the house for the missing host,
But no signs of a party can be found.
The empty rooms yield no people,
Only the smell of fear and the dying.

 My group trudges down the basement stairs.
All too soon we are trapped behind the locked door.
The basement floor is filling with water.
What was once dry is now wet and cold.

Clanging noises fill the thick air around us,
Revealing cages with sharp metal spikes.
They descend from the ceiling by chains,
Converging on Edward who's trapped in the pool.

Tim screams in despair over his roommate
And jumps into the dark water to save his friend.
He falls face first into the black water
As circular saws descend to join the game.

Edward dodges the deadly devices,
Bringing Tim to safety on the opposite side.
They disappear through a doorway
That quickly dissolves back into the stone wall.

I refuse to play this game any longer.
I must escape from this so-called party.
I will try one of the three new doors
That have appeared on the opposite wall.

The third door yields a round bricked tower 
With a gated opening at the top.
I slowly climb the sharp bricks,
Using my hands and feet to pull myself up.

A loud noise comes from above.
The gate is crashing down to one side.
Of course, it's the side that I'm clinging to.
I close my eyes and say a quick prayer.

The heavy gate somehow misses me,
Loosening dozens of bricks on its way down.
I could've been swatted like an ant,
But for some reason I've been spared. 

Mike refuses to check any more doors
After the one he checks yields a bottomless pit.
It's all left to David to open the last door
To find a possible escape from this hell hole

Our games have just begun.




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