Friday, September 18, 2015


Time for us to explore.
Time to find out what is hidden inside.
The Watchers are vampires
And so might be the residents of this mansion.

Linda's thoughts run wild in her head.
Too many players, too many suspects,
To help them solve the mystery.
A mystery that could easily end their existence.

A tall man approaches us,
Flanked by two Dobermans.
His black eyes watch us closely,
Forcing me to turn my gaze away.

Shana looks as troubled as I am.
Maybe she'll give up on her silly idea,
And we could leave this creepy place.
I don't want to pursue any vampires.

The man offers to give us a tour of his house.
Shana is excited as she accepts his offer.
I stand back, not eager to enter this place.
I turn to leave, but Shana takes my hand.

"Please, Linda, let's go inside.
I want to find out who lives here."
A smile covers Shana's face, 
A sweet smile created just for me.

The man walks toward the front door
Through the fallen leaves and flying dust balls.
Only weeds grow in the yard.
The man doesn't seem to care.

Shana pulls Linda through the front doorway.
A marble foyer greets them
With a high-domed ceiling and crystal sconces.
A drastic change from the gloominess outside.

Beautifully furnished bedrooms.
A library larger than any other.
Priceless masterpieces showcased throughout. 
It doesn't feel real to Linda but a dream.

Time to leave this house of contradictions,
Balancing the fine line between the living and the dead.
The caretaker watches us from the front door
As we walk through the decrepit garden,
Happy to be back with the living.

"Linda, the caretaker has to be a vampire.
No one can live all by themselves in such a big house.
No servants, no food, only books.
The Watchers must be watching him!"

"That must be it.
A Watcher is always sitting in that rocking chair,
Keeping an eye on the mansion.
If the Watchers are good, then the caretaker must be bad."

"Linda, you don't know that.
The Watchers could be bad, 
Making the caretaker the good one.
There's no rule book to explain this new game."

"We shouldn't trust any of them.
We need more information.
We need help.
I'm done doing this alone anymore."

"Linda, do you want to involve Todd and the Sheriff?
I thought you didn't trust them.
We've been going in circles,
Not coming up with any answers."

"I trust Todd and Sam much more than
The older residents, The Watchers, or that caretaker.
We must come up with a plan,
A good one this time.

"We have our work cut out for us.
And Shana, no more fancy plans.
We plan smart and go in together this time.
This must end once and for all."




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