Wednesday, September 16, 2015


My passions run deep.
My hatred grows strong.
My revenge lasts forever.

Don't cross me.
Don't anger me.
And don't ever taunt me.

I am Wolf.

Todd has crossed me once.
His days are now limited.
His time with Linda is at its end.

I will shadow his every move,
Haunt his nightmares,
And kill him in his sleep.

The winds will charge at my command.
Fires of hell will burn hot for me.
Ocean waves will dance my every tune.

I am Wolf.

Come with me, my companions.
Todd will rue the day he was born.
We will attack once the sun has gone to sleep.

Once she has hidden her bright face.
A face too cheerful and hot.
A face soon to be forgotten.

For the night will rule the day.
And the moon will lead the way.
Nature must attack in the dark.

Let us dance in the moonlight.
Drink from the waves of the ocean.
And warm ourselves in the fires of hell.

I am Wolf.

The battle will be won,
Death served on a platter for the white prince.
Linda will soon be mine.

My cold fingers will run down her hot body.
She will wake to the sight of my glowing eyes.
She will experience passion not human.
And she will yearn for much more.

The dark prince will take her in his arms
And place her on his black steed.
They will ride off into the sunset,
Leaving memories of her old life far behind.

Our games have just begun.



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