Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Mike didn't believe Reece and his group. The vampire leaders were hiding something and he was going to figure it out. Even if it killed him.

     “Do you drink blood?” David asked Todd.
     Mike got annoyed with him again. He couldn’t believe that David was actually staring into Todd’s eyes and boldly asking him if he drank blood like a vampire. “Why are you asking that? Do you want to be on their bad side?” Linda now has competition for the “no brains” title.
     Reece smiled at Mike and David. “We don’t have bad sides. Vampires are good; not like the old fables of bloodthirsty creatures who’d feed on people for sustenance and fun. We never drink human blood, but only supplement our food with animal blood for the extra protein that we require.”
     “But Wolf and his gang fed on humans, creating fear and chaos,” Mike said. Everything wasn’t always wrapped up with a pretty ribbon; there was much more going on beneath the happy vampire story than what the elders were telling them.
     “They are extreme aberrations from the norm. Wolf’s splinter group enjoys blood-letting too much. All vampires must drink blood, but only The Dead feed on humans. Vampires are now peaceful and drink only animal blood,”Reece said.
     He continued, “Wolf and his followers have gained strength over the years. Once they began to drink human blood their powers increased dramatically, and over time they’ve intensified even further. We must search them out and kill them before there is any more bloodshed. We’ll check out any patterns of violence around the world and corner the rest of their group. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this and you’ll be able to finally live in peace.” After his speech, Reece disappeared, along with the other elders.
     Sure, the three of them are going to save the world. So far their track record hadn’t been too good. One of their own had been the leader of The Dead, and they hadn’t even suspected him. Vampires were supposed to have superhuman powers, such as hypnosis and reading people’s minds. Something was definitely off with these vampire leaders.  And he was determined to find out the true story.

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