Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Linda and friends were off to Wolf's house to confront him about the disappearances and deaths in town. They weren't afraid until they pulled up to his dark house. Maybe they should've been more careful and more afraid for their own good.

Chapter 27
They pulled up in front of Wolf’s dreary-looking house. David appeared to be having second thoughts about their idea: he was crouched down low down in his seat. Mike had to forcibly drag him from the car.
    The four humans walked up to the front door, but it was already standing wide open, beckoning for them to step into its dark depths.
    With a slight quiver in his voice David said, “He’s expecting us. The Big Bad Wolf is already waiting for us. We don’t even have the element of surprise.”
    “We’ve never had a chance anyway,” Mike said to David. He loved teasing his silly friends. He looked over at David, visualizing him as the weak lion in The Wizard of Oz who lacked courage. He could just imagine him holding his tail in his shaky hands, as they slowly walked down the long hallway to meet the wizard—or in this case, the wolf. If David was the lion, then he must be the Tin Man—the one without a heart. Linda could easily be the silly scarecrow without a brain, which would make Shana Dorothy, who was always searching for a home.
     “Great! We get to die in this creepy house. I hope someone finds our bodies before they decay,” David said, making Mike want to pull his tail real hard.
     “Stop the theatrics and let’s head in already.” It looked like Shana really wanted to find a home and a happy ending with Sam, mused “without a heart” Mike, but it was doubtful that she ever would.  Just click your red heels together, Dorothy, and see what really happens.
     “Don’t worry, Todd and Sam will come in time to help us. Todd always seems to know when I’m in trouble,” Linda said.  Here goes “no brains” again.
     “Which is about all the time,” said Shana. Another genius heard from, announced Mike silently to his invisible audience.
     “What if the Father can’t locate them in time?” asked David.  Boohoo.
     “Todd and Sam have powers of their own and they’ll find us,” said Linda.  Sure! Silly scarecrow!
     They walked into the house very slowly. “Down the Yellow Brick Road…”

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