Friday, June 27, 2014


Was there going to be a happy ending for Todd and Linda? 

Chapter 29
“This has been just a sick game for Wolf; he used us like pawns on a chess board,” Linda said as she paced back and forth in front of the alligator tank. She couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to them. They had all settled in Oasis to find peace and freedom, but instead they’d found a madman and a coven of vampires. She didn’t even know if vampires traveled in covens, or if that was just witches.
      She also couldn’t understand how she’d fallen for someone with so many dark secrets. These weren’t your everyday secrets—like cheating on a test or on a spouse; this was a different breed of secret altogether that included vampires and flying bats.
     Todd watched as fear and loathing crossed over Linda’s pretty face. Was it loathing for him, or for the evil vampires? He’d planned on gaining her trust before revealing to her his sordid past. Instead, she’d found out in the worst possible way: when her life was being threatened by vampires. She would never want to be with him now—now that she knew he was a human vampire. She didn’t trust his powers—she’d even suspected him of hypnotizing Louise.
     He turned to walk out of the house.

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