Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The young residents of Oasis were determined to fight the demons invading their town. Their plan was weak but they were ready for battle. Or so they thought.

“If we begin the fight on our own, then they’ll be finally forced to confront the demons,” David said. “It’s over for us one way or the other, so we might as well go down fighting.”
“Make sure to inform Todd and Sam. That’s the only way this plan will work,” Linda said to the priest.
“I’ll go right away,” said the Father, pulling on his coat.
Linda watched as the priest hurried out the door. He had accepted her story about Wolf and The Dead a little too easily—without asking even one question. She hoped that she was just being paranoid and that the priest didn’t have his own ulterior motive—like everyone else seemed to have in this town.
Turning to leave, she spotted someone standing inside the front door; eavesdropping on their whispered conversation. She peered closer and was shocked to recognize the priest’s housekeeper. Why would the housekeeper be interested in what they’d been discussing? And why was she hiding? Linda mentally added this person to her ever-growing list of suspects.
Meanwhile, Father John was hurrying across the street to the sheriff’s office. He rushed inside and blurted out loud, “Linda and her friends are going to Wolf’s house to confront him; you and Todd must meet them there before they get themselves into trouble.”
“How stupid could they be?” Sam was the only officer on duty: Carl was off somewhere on his own.“Thank you, Father. Todd and I will take care of this immediately.”
Father John turned away to leave the office. Before he completely turned his face away, Sam thought he saw a weird green light reflected in the Father’s usually calm blue eyes. He hoped that they didn’t have another enemy to contend with as he watched the priest walk very slowly
from his office and across the street. Detecting no further indication that the Father was anything but what he appeared to be, he calmed down a little—but he unfortunately knew that appearances could be very deceiving.
He called Todd to update him on the new development in town. Todd replied that he was heading right over to Wolf’s house before Linda and her friends got themselves killed—or even worse.

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