Thursday, January 30, 2014


     She said, “I’ll go.” She didn’t know where she got her courage from, but she was tired of being controlled by the freak who owned this house.
     She climbed the tower’s brick wall, using her hands and feet to push her body up the wall, brick by sharp brick. The farther up she climbed…the farther away the top of the tower seemed to be. She knew that this couldn’t be possible unless someone was playing tricks with their minds again—like with the water that had appeared.
     She was almost at the top when she heard a booming sound coming from above. The gate that had been lying across the top was now crashing down to one side—the side she was hanging on to. While she held on tight, she closed her eyes and prayed. The gate bashed against her, but she still managed to keep her footing. She climbed back down before she got swatted like an ant against the wall.
     “This must have been the master plan all along; that we all die in this house—one by one,” she yelled at Mike and David, who were both standing in the doorway with their mouths hanging open. Mike’s response was simply to turn around and stomp away. She was disgusted by this whole business and by Mike’s total lack of sympathy. He didn’t seem to be at all concerned that she’d almost been killed. She knew he wasn’t a real friend and couldn’t be relied upon in the future.

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