Monday, January 20, 2014


Book Extras from the Shelfari Community

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Characters (7)

  • Linda Bennett: Owner of the new bookstore/coffee shop, who is very concerned over the way events are unfolding in town. She believes that there are just too many disappearances and deaths being covered up by the sheriff and the reclusive residents.
  • Todd Morrison: Good looking and popular with everyone in town, including Linda and her fellow shop-owners and the mysterious residents on the dark mountain behind town.
  • Charles Wolf: His dark good looks and brooding personality makes him appear unapproachable. What is he doing alone in his mountain retreat?
  • Mike Aronson: Likes to observe people from a distance. At times his sarcastic sense of humor proves to be too harsh for his friends.
  • Father John: Holy man who gets himself involved in some unholy business. He acts innocent but seems to know too much about the cover-ups in town.
  • Shana Logan: She appears happy and cheerful on the outside. But deep down, her thoughts run much deeper and darker.
  • David Deer: The town clown and the butt of all of Mike's jokes. That is, until one day he can't take Mike's morbid humor any longer.

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