Sunday, August 23, 2015


I don't feel anything.
No pain.
No guilt.
Only freedom and peace.

Arms pull me out of the water.
I'm laid down on the concrete.
Fun and relaxation is over.
Reality has reared it ugly head.

My eyes open to find dark eyes searching mine.
Todd is checking my breathing.
He's searching for any injuries.
He holds me close.
Maybe a little too close.

I try to stand up.
I don't want is concern.
I don't want his pity.
I want to forget it all.

Holding me tighter, he says,
"Little one, you're not going anywhere.
You almost drowned.
Why are you here alone?"

I stand up with my head held high.
"I was pushed.
I'm a good swimmer.
The water in the pool isn't deep."

"I thought you were hurt.
And why are you hanging around an empty pool?"
He gently moves wet strands of hair 
Out of my face.

I still don't trust him.
"Thanks Todd for your help,
But I'd better go inside.
It's getting chilly."

Todd takes off his jacket.
He wraps it around my shoulders.
With his arm around my waist,
He leads me into the hotel.

Always in control.
Always military stiff.
That's my Todd.
Well, not my Todd.

Todd leaves me in the reception area.
He leans over and gives me a kiss.
On the lips.
He's getting more daring.

He turns away
And walks out of the hotel
Into the dark night.
No goodbye.

And the games continue...


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