Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Another day in Oasis, Florida.
Another perfect day.
A party at the desolate End House
Leaves two party members missing
And the rest fleeing for their lives.

The Sheriff sits alone in his office,
Waiting for word about the party.
No phone calls.
And no deputy.
A deputy gone missing when needed most.

Louise runs ahead of Mike and David,
Down the treacherous back steps of End House.
Steep steps offering a long drop into the ocean.
The beach offers its own obstacles.
Swirling masses of sand hit her in the face.
Almost blinded, she makes it to the gazebo in the park.

Why has she come here?
Better to have gone straight to the Sheriff.
But something is pulling her forward.
Not a thing but an invisible force.
She feels like a puppet on a string,
Being controlled by a malevolent puppet master.

A noose hangs in the gazebo,
Swaying in the quickening breeze.
Who put it there?
Maybe by those hooded creatures,
Who are circling the gazebo and chanting.

"More games.
I hate games.
But even more,
I hate The Dead.
I refuse to join in the fun.

How did I get up here?
The noose is around my neck!
And those creatures are leering at me.
The leader has a deep voice that sounds familiar.
Could they be human?
Oh no! Now I recognize one of them.
But it's too late for me.
And too late for the town."


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