Friday, August 14, 2015


The house is evil.
Its windows like eyes
That watch our every move.
Its doors like arms
That try to hold us in.
We've come this far.
We cannot give up.
An easy escape this is not.
There's no going back now.

A steep staircase waits for no one,
Its wooden railing broken and useless.
A throbbing sea waits for them below.
More victims to bob on its choppy waves.

Louise is determined to overcome the odds.
She cannot wait for Mike and David. 
Time has almost run out.
She tries the first step with her foot.
It creaks and crumbles away.

The winds kick up their legs
In their nightly dance.
They howl in glee
As the music picks up its pace.

The house intensifies its attacks.
With the winds
Come flying creatures.
Creatures from hell
With murder in their yellow eyes.

Louise feels talons pulling on her hair.
Shrieks fill the night sky.
They have no choice but down.
A cloud of darkness descends,
Its claws ready to grab hold of her.

She jumps over the first step.
The second one holds her weight.
Down she goes into the night.
The fog hides the remaining stairs.
But down she goes,
For she has no other choice.

Cries from her friends
Follow her in the darkness
Until she hits rock bottom.
Soft sand cushions her fall.

Time is running out.
She must make it back to town.
Leaving her friends,
She flees for her life.




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