Tuesday, August 25, 2015


The river flows black.
The sky lights up.
Hot glows of red, orange, yellow.
Then I hear the explosion.
Loud and deafening. 
My ears ring.
The bridge is in flames.
The beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.
Pieces of metal land in the water.
Cries fill the cold air. 
I'm lost in the frightened crowd.
Someone takes my hand.
I'm pulled to a building.
The door is locked and bolted.
I follow him from building to building.
Until we find an unlocked door.
Sounds of sirens follow us inside.
The door slams shut behind us.
Lines of cars face us.
I look up to see his face.
He turns away.
He leads me down a ramp.
I dig in my feet.
I must see his face.
He turns to me...
I wake up.
I still wonder...about his face.

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