Friday, August 7, 2015


"Hail is raining down from the sky!
Hell is reigning down from above!"
Linda races through the pummeled streets,
Dodging pieces of roof tops and garbage cans.

"How could this be happening?
The sun was out just minutes ago.
I smell fire.
My skin feels burning hot."

Her feet slow to a stop.
Linda lifts her head to the black sky.
Flames are shooting out of the church.
Red hot flames with swirls of yellow and orange.

Cries of horror float in the air around her.
Shrieks and moans that are lifted in the rising winds.
She turns around in a circle,
Desperate to locate the source.

"It's coming from the Town Hall!"
I knew it!
Everybody has to be there.
Please god let them be there."

The cries rise in intensity
With each footstep.
The front doors are open.
Darkness beckons from within.

The sight inside knocks the breathe from her lungs.
Flying creatures are circling her friends.
Creatures with furry bodies and human faces.
One swoops down and lifts Shana up to the ceiling.

"The Dead are here.
What should I do?
Wait! Father John is chanting.
Will he be able to save us?"


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