Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Heartache is for me.
My heart yearns for thee.
Lies fall so easily from your lips.
They feel salty on my fingertips.

I must remain strong.
I hope I am wrong.
But I will need proof to trust you once more.
Oh, Todd, my heart is breaking at its core.

The salty mist soothes me.
The wind caresses me.
But I feel cold deep inside.
I need a safe place to hide.

Linda takes one last look at the sky,
Then turns to find a quiet spot,
Where vampires and human vampires don't exist,
Where human beings are the ones in vogue.

She must leave Oasis tonight
For a place far away from The Dead.
If only she could fly away from here
And find a place with no danger or fear.

An owl circles above her head.
It gives one shriek before diving down.
Down into a cave between the rocks.
Who knew that there were caves by the ocean?

Linda follows the bird's flight.
She crawls through the opening.
Wooden furniture in a small room.
A jacket thrown across a chair.

Who lives here?
The refrigerator in the corner hums.
No plugs, no electricity.
But the food is cold.

Footsteps crunch outside the cave.
Soon she will have company.
Soon she will have to make a decision.
Only one room and no where to hide.

A dark figure bends to walk through the opening.
Linda backs into the corner.
Could this be Todd?
Does she want it to be Todd?

Linda's problems have just begun.





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