Sunday, August 9, 2015


Linda runs out from the Town Hall 
To find sunshine beating down on the sand. 
Birds are once again flying overhead.
Happy cries fill the blue sky.

The sun resumes its regal position.
The winds retreat as one,
Dragging their tails between their legs.
The palm trees stop their mad dance
To bend softly in the sea breeze.

"Are we finally safe?
The Dead must still be here,
Somewhere close.
I can still feel them.
But they won't win.
They can't!" 

Her friends walk down the steps of the battered Town Hall,
Climbing over fallen bricks and dead creatures.
No more cries of flying creatures.
Only the sounds of leaves shuffling in the breeze.

Linda is proud of her town and her friends.
With the help of The Watchers, human vampires,
And Father John, victory will soon be theirs.
Tears stream down her face.

They are safe.
This is all that matters to her.
Worrying about the future could wait for tomorrow.
Today is a day for thankfulness.
All is well.
All are safe.
The church bells gong in the distance.
Tomorrow will be a new day.



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