Friday, January 30, 2015


Invited to a party?
Could it be at End House?
A deserted house at the edge
of the dark forest in Oasis, Florida.
People have disappeared from this house.
Never to be seen or heard from again.
But yet you're going to this party?
I admire your courage.
Your tenacity.
But make sure you could handle
what you may discover there.
No one has ever returned alive
to tell the tale.
You might be the first.
There's a first for everything.

I will tell you what you may expect.
No one will answer your knock on the door.
The door will open by itself,
inviting you to step inside.
Once inside, you will immediately notice
the sweeping staircase.
It is majestic with red carpeting
and statues of gargoyles.
Sounds like fun so far?

Flickering candles on the staircase
and along the right hallway
throw shadows along the dark walls.
Your group will divide into two.
The first group will follow the candles
up the grand staircase.
And your group will follow the flickering
lights down the right hallway,
which will lead you down to the basement.

Which group will find the mysterious host?
Which group will remain alive?
Upstairs, there may be revolving rooms
and bloody skeletons.
However, downstairs may have traps and wild animals.
Who will survive to tell the tale?
Only I know.
For I am one of The Dead.
We love our games
and welcome to THE DEAD GAME.





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