Thursday, January 8, 2015


Was End House really gone for good? Linda wasn't so sure.

     Their cars raced to End House, taking with them Abe and his family of warriors. At the house, they watched as sections of the beautiful house were ripped off by the vicious winds and flung into the ocean below. The trapped vampires were clawing through the remaining walls of the raging house.
     “We must help them escape, and once they’re freed we’ll be able to destroy them,” Abe said, staring up at the house with his family members standing around him. Their tall figures stood steady in the heavy gusts of the increasing storm, their long coats billowing in the wind. In each hand, they held a long sword. Linda noticed more ammunition beneath their coats. They stood ready for battle. At least they are on our side.
     Once again, Father John gathered everyone in a semicircle. While the Father and Abe chanted, everyone grasped each others’ hands. The house slowly rose up from its foundation—with its imprisoned vampires still trapped inside—and then ever so slowly toppled over into the water below. As soon as it hit the water, the house disintegrated into nothingness.
     From deep within the raging waters rose the dark shadows of the freed vampires—who appeared more than ready to return to town to continue with their reign of terror. However, once the chanting resumed, the shadows were stopped in their tracks and then violently ripped apart in mid-air, their cries echoing eerily as their dark light was extinguished forever. Their remains were burnt up in a cloud of smoke, with their ashes scattering across the foaming waves of the ocean.
     Almost immediately, the ground began to fill in the deep hole left behind by the destroyed house, covering it with grass and trees. Even the metal fence rearranged itself, leaving behind a narrower precipice. The next house built on that spot wouldn’t need to be so close to the edge, but it could be located further back in the forest. However, she didn’t believe that another house would ever be built on that spot.
     As the ground closed up, Linda noticed that the left section of the house remained standing for a few moments before it also dissolved into the ground. She didn’t know if she had imagined it or if that section had survived in a transparent form before it had gone underground. She thought back and tried to remember if she had ever entered that side of the house. She realized that the answer was no; she didn’t even know what had been there.
     She turned to Todd and asked, “Did you happen to see anything unusual with the left side of the house?”
     Todd look confused. “No. What did you see?”
     “The left side lingered for a while in a shadowy form, before melting into the ground. What was on that side?”
     “Nothing much—the first floor had an empty ballroom, and the upstairs had two empty bedrooms. And…oh. There was a locked door leading down to the tunnels beneath the house.”
     “What was in those tunnels? And where did they lead?”
     “I haven’t heard anything recently about the tunnels. I don’t think anyone has gone down there for quite some years. There have been many rumors about the tunnels being dungeons where people were trapped and tortured. I do remember hearing that the door wouldn’t open for anyone.”
     “Well, the left side of the house is now also underground in these tunnels. The dungeons could hold any number of evils. Maybe Tom and Edward—and possibly others, who’ve disappeared from town—could be down in those dungeons. Remember, we visited the tunnels when the stairs extended themselves below End House. It was terrifying down there with all those ghoulish creatures grabbing at us.”
     “Let’s not worry about this now. Maybe nothing will come of it—and if it does, we can deal with it in the future. I don’t want to frighten the others more than they have been already.”
     Linda nodded her head in agreement. Great, more secrets to add to our ever-growing list. She wasn’t going to sweep this secret under the rug. If Tom and Edward were trapped down there, then she was going to find a way to free them. She wasn’t going to allow demons to control her town and her friends any longer.



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