Sunday, January 4, 2015



Oasis was under attack—from the storm and evil vampires. What else was in store for them?
     Shana ran over to Father John and said, “What happened?”
     “The world was waiting for man and vampire to rally their forces, which was the only way to truly annihilate the evil vampires from town.”
    “I don’t understand,” Shana said. “Why could only you and Abe accomplish that? We’ve been working with vampires all along and nothing has ever helped.”
     “Abe is the leader of The Watchers, a group of vampires chosen to watch over the human race and to protect them from errant vampires. I’m a priest, which is a leader in the religious world and, more importantly, I also have the spell book.” Father John grinned.
     “Oh. The spell book. Now I understand,” Shana said to the priest.
      Mike spoke up, “I hate to interrupt this stimulating conversation, but we seem to be having a problem over at End House. It looks like the house is going crazy from the storm. The demons are pushing their bodies through the walls. We should visit there next.” Looking around at everyone, he smiled. “Oh, good. We get to return to the house where all hell was first let loose.”
     “Mike, have you gone crazy? Why would you want to return to where we almost got ourselves killed? Where Tom and Edward disappeared?” David shouted.
     Mike turned his face away.
     The others were staring at End House. In the distance, they watched large forms push their way through the walls of the house: arms, faces, and even legs could be seen stretching through the solid brick walls. Meanwhile, the storm was throwing lightning strikes into the house, slowing down the progress of the strange beings that were so intent on escaping their prison.
     Father John stood before them. “We must return to End House and make sure it is destroyed for good this time.”
     After some grumbling—mostly from David—they prepared themselves for the next task that lay ahead of them.



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