Monday, September 1, 2014


The horror at the town hall was over. The residents of Oasis were saved once again. All was good. All were happy. Except for Mike, who wanted a show-down with the demons. He wasn’t satisfied with the easy resolution of their troubles.

    Shana felt the creature’s hold on her begin to slacken. She glanced up and saw its body begin to fade until it slowly turned to dust. Then she was falling. She closed her eyes and then felt arms around her. She looked up into Todd’s brown eyes. Wow, he is gorgeous. Now she could see what Linda saw in him. He put her down. He then helped Linda up from the ground, who asked, “Is this finally over? Will others try to kill us?”
     “No,” Todd said, “I think we’ve finally rid the town of all the evil creatures.”

     The famous last words chanted by every hero. Mike was hoping that there was more to come; he was beginning to enjoy the parade of vampires and their superhuman display of tricks.

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