Sunday, September 14, 2014


felice by airinArt
Louise was being stalked by dark shadows at night. One day, she noticed a fleeting shadow in her store right before the door locked. She was trapped in her store without air to breathe. She was able to escape by throwing a store mannequin through the glass window. Now the mannequin was back for her.
     Louise experienced a very unsettling and heavy uneasiness weighing down upon her the whole day, even though she tried to appear cheerful and upbeat for her customers. Her store looked perfect again…thanks to Tom and Edward’s repair work, but inside she felt torn up.
     She had hidden away the mannequin—which she’d thrown through the front window to escape the locked store—in the back room behind all her stored merchandise. She had no desire ever to see it again: it would always remind her of being locked in an airless room. Like a sealed tomb.
     She returned from the back room and was shocked to come face to face with the same mannequin that she’d just packed away. It was back in its original spot—right smack in the middle of the store. She gazed in wonder at its porcelain face, shocked to see that its expression had changed from a pleasant smiling one to a mockingly evil one. She dragged it back to the storage room, burying it far back behind everything else, and then locked the room’s steel door.
     She feared that she was losing control of her life. She was imagining that her store had joined forces with the dark shadows of the night in their demented crusade against her. She was dreading this evening’s party even more than before, praying that it turned out to be just a simple party. However, in her heart she knew that this was not to be the case—that all their lives would be changed forever after tonight.

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