Thursday, September 4, 2014


Chapter 35
     The sun was rising above the ravaged streets of Oasis. The damage from the raging storm was finally brought to the light of day. Glass from blown-out windows littered the usually sparkling clean sidewalks. Garbage and debris covered everything—like a torn and ravaged blanket thrown over an unsightly mess in a sorry attempt to conceal it. The survivors of Natalie’s wrath picked their way through the large pieces of roof that had fallen into the rooms of the town hall. It was a new day. They walked outside into the dazzling sunshine.
     Father John departed to check on the extent of damage that had been done to the church, while the rest of them continued to walk through town.
     Todd slipped his arm around Linda’s shoulders as they strolled together to her apartment. Linda gazed at all the empty stores along Main Street that had once belonged to the vanquished human vampires. The town used to be peaceful and serene. Now all she could see was death and destruction. She said to Todd, “I wonder who will replace Shirley, Hank, Minnie, and Frank in these stores? How will new people fit into this strange town of vampires and human vampires?”
     “Don’t forget about all the humans,” Todd said. “You, Mike, David, Shana, and Louise are human.”
     “I think some of us will be switching over. Shana and Sam look like a serious couple.”
     “What about you?” he asked. “Would you be willing to become a human vampire?”
     “Are you asking?”
     “Of course I am.”
     “Just out of curiosity or for some personal reason?” Linda asked.
     “I like to keep my options open. In this case, I would like to know what we mean to each other.”
     “That answer is much too vague for me. I prefer straight answers,” Linda said. She had grown tired of games, especially the games being played by vampires.
     Todd had somehow backed her against a tall tree on the deserted walkway. She couldn’t move back and if she moved forward, well…Todd’s large, muscular body was blocking the way.
     They stood in the tree’s cool shade, colorful leaves falling all around them. Staring intently into each others eyes, each one was afraid to make the first move. Todd finally moved closer, encircling her and giving her the long, heartfelt kiss that she’d been waiting for—for a very long time.
     She couldn’t believe that he was finally holding and kissing her so passionately. His mouth was soft and hard at the same time—pulling her deeper and deeper into his world of heightened feelings. When he touched her, she felt somehow different—not herself anymore. He took total control of her mind and her body. It felt unbelievably good, but scary at the same time. She still wasn’t sure that she was ready to give up her freedom to be under Todd’s control.

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