Monday, April 14, 2014



Shana and Linda had just heard the tale from Abe and Anna about vampires in their town. They were terrified and didn’t know whether to believe them or not. Their town was plagued by dark shadows and unnatural events. They didn’t know who to believe or trust.
Shana, on the other hand, had remained very quiet during the tour of the house as she tried to absorb what she’d just heard. She understood that it made some kind of weird sense. She just couldn’t figure out why the rocking chair was facing the deserted mansion. She knew about the evil in End House, but she had always assumed that the mansion stood empty and didn’t have a wicked history attached to it.
After hurrying down the front steps, she said, “We must now visit the mansion and discover what’s hidden over there that is so important for Abe and Anna to keep watch over. And what did she mean about it being supposedly deserted? Either it is or it isn’t.”
Linda shook her head back and forth. “This place terrified me. I don’t know if I can handle another place like this.”
“Nothing happened to us. It appears that Abe and Anna are good and are just trying to protect our town from evil vampires.”
“That means that they are vampires themselves. How could vampires be good? How could we trust them?” Linda began to pace up and down the road in frantic circles.
“You readily accepted the fact that vampires exist, but yet you can’t decide whether to trust them or not? I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the existence of vampires,” answered Shana with amusement.
“I’m happy that you find this so amusing.”
“We’ve witnessed supernatural events at End House, so why would believing in vampires be farfetched? We should just accept the possibility of their existence and continue on from there.”
“Okay, let’s visit our next place before I chicken out…I just hope that I won’t have to say ‘I told you so’ afterward.”

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